Our services

Do you want to create long-term, sustainable change in your organizational culture? 

Spark Your Culture provides corporate culture and leadership consulting to help you increase customer loyalty, cultivate leader authenticity, and empower employees. Our unique approach is based on real-life examples and actual experience of nurturing lasting corporate cultural change from within a Fortune 5 company.

“Corporate cultures have a significant impact on firms’ long term economic performance. ...Firms where leaders focused on their cultures out-performed firms that did not, by a huge margin.” - Dr. John Kotter, Professor, Harvard Business School.

How can Spark Your Culture help your company?


I will help you diagnose those behavioral and organizational issues and work with you to tangibly solve them. Together we will determine a method with which to approach your concerns, and develop specific steps to address and resolve the root issues impacting your culture.


The foundational key to culture shaping is leadership. If the leader isn’t clear with expectations and accountabilities, the team or organization cannot and will not flourish. My practical and tactical approach to coaching allows leaders to become the authentic, inspirational leader they aspire to be.


I bring to the table a blend personal experiences, processes, exercises, and stories to help you achieve insights to gain solutions. Maybe you need a workshop, an objective third party in a team meeting, or someone to call out the “elephant in the room” or address an organizational blind spot. Whatever your need is, I have thousands of hours of experience leading team meetings and workshops, and would be happy to serve you in this way.