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Change That Lasts
Spark a lasting cultural shift
Be A Cultural Leader
Spark lasting cultural change
Spark Your Culture
Intentional, lasting cultural change
Spark Your Culture
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"Are you ready to spark lasting cultural change ?"

Spark Your Culture helps organizations shape their culture, so they can get better financial results and attract and inspire people.  

With lessons learned from 9 years of  serving in the role of UnitedHealth Group’s Chief Culture Officer, Spark Your Culture's founder Dave Sparkman will help you increase customer loyalty, cultivate leader authenticity, and empower employees.


About Spark Your Culture

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I recognize that every organization is a unique however, almost  all organizational issues stem from people's behaviors .I can help you diagnose those issues and work with you to tangibly solve them. I am not  a consultantwith a clipboard  and merely offering a advise. I bring a shovel and get in the  trenches  to help you dig  into the root problems.



The foundational key to culture shaping is leadership. If the leader isn’t clear with expectations and

 accountabilities, the team/organization won’t flourish. My practical and tactical approach allows 

leaders to become the authentic, inspirational leader they aspire to be.



I can serve as an objective third-party to help you and your team navigate through the issues you face,

 including calling out the “elephant in the room” to address organizational blind spots. Having facilitated

 literally thousands of hours of team and workshop approaches, I can blend personal experiences, 

processes, exercises, and stories to help you achieve insights to gain solutions. 


Managing Director & Founder

Dave Sparkman

UnitedHealth Group, Fortune #5 company - Served 9 years in role of Chief Culture Officer.

Arthur Andersen, former Big 6 Accounting Firm - West Region Managing Partner, Human Resources & Operations.

Crossroads Career, non-profit - Board Chair.

Senn Delaney, certified Culture Facilitator.

Trust Edge, certified Facilitator.

“It’s time to ignite a spark in your culture. Contact us today.”
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